Such a simple website? We have succeeded on word of mouth from our happy clients so this is here for the interested.

Tim Fletcher started a business on the 23rd of June 2000 after working for support companies and Melbourne University.

Before that working for an ISP in country victoria when modems used to squeal at you each time they connected. He has built a successful enterprise over the last 19 years trading under Ars Technica, gaining many proud milestones and happy clients.

Feeling it’s time for a new direction, Tim and wife Kylie relaunched their business as Wolf Paw Networks in 2016. Being pop culture fans they saw wisdom in the simplicity of a scene from Wes Anderson’s Fantastic Mr Fox. It’s about working together for a common good regardless of differences. So we decided to “Save the world one computer at a time.”

We seek simplicity and reliability in systems that can often be complex to understand and convey them to the less technical. Tim says he’s “Prone to pedantry but not erudition.”

Operations like Wolf Paw do not happen overnight. It has taken years of time and resources invested in building relationships and putting partners to the test to come up with a strong and independent network design and support service. One where the client’s goals are what shapes the design and not what is ‘in vogue’ or what channel partners want to sell.

We have a focus on technologies that are ‘Cross Platform’. We find solutions that are designed to not rely specifically on one operating system, like only Windows or only Mac, provides more freedom and flexibility for both us and our clients. There are too many ICT suppliers already that see their clients as just a buyers list for whatever they can sell them. Equipment and services, technology for technology’s sake whether it fits the client’s requirements or not. We only suggest paths that are both fit for purpose and what our client is comfortable with.

It has taken longer to build a successful enterprise that is independent, one where a client can feel they are being listened to and that changes are in their best interest. We wouldn’t have had it any other way.

Backed by trusted suppliers and valued sub contractors we believe if we align our success with that of our clients we will succeed together.